Top NFL Games to Bet on for the 2023 Season
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Top NFL Games to Bet on for the 2023 Season

NFL betting is as popular as NFL itself. The rise in the online sports betting landscape of betting in the NFL is the biggest ever in the 2022-23 season. Millions of people from around the globe enjoy wagering money on their odds as little as five dollars to as big as multi-million-dollar bets.

Whether new to online betting or want to brush up on your knowledge, you have come to the right place. With 2022 or, in NFL terms, week 14 almost ending, let’s jump into week 15 and discuss top NFL games to keep an eye on for the NFL bets of the 2022-2023 season.

Before getting in touch with your sportsbook and putting your money on the betting line, let’s go through the details of high-voltage upcoming NFL games.

 6 NFL high-voltage games to bet on this season, NFL betting odds:

Here are the top 6 upcoming games of the NFL if you want to be ahead of the rest in finding the best odds for you.

You can also check them for yourself from the NFL online website. Do you need clarification about betting the spread (ATS), NFL vegas odds, NFL point spread, or future odds? We are here to keep you updated with the latest news of betting markets. Know more about your NFL team and Get the latest NFL football updates below.

Indianapolis Colts Vs. Minnesota Vikings

It’s the second match of week 15. The Minnesota Vikings winning formula for fixing a defense allowing more than 400 yards per game five in a row is a franchise record. But you must understand that it’s not just about the yards given up. What happens is you give up the yards consistently, and then in some games, you get a couple of interceptions or turnovers that need to be more consistent. This Colts team might run the ball 20 times in a row.

They don’t care. Dalvin Tomlinson, Harrison Phillips, and Dalvin Cook in the offense for the Vikings is a big plus point for the Vikings, but when you are taking on the colts, you have to get on them early. The Colts are 4 points, underdogs against the Vikings. If you are wagering your money in the betting line, Viking should be your Bet.

  • NFL experts’ pick: Vikings 28, Colts 14

Baltimore Ravens Vs. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are at home this week, playing the middle game against the Baltimore Ravens, who scratched and clawed their way to a win that kept them tied for first in the AFC North. Baltimore’s rush attack carried Raven’s offense in week 14. 42 attempts, 215 yards. 5.1 a run. Ravens employed a run-forest-run strategy when they beat Cleveland in week 7. They will be chasing Deshaun Watson this week.

This game may be Watson’s first home start, but he is going against a team that beat him like a drum the last three times he’s played them. Baltimore may not have Lamar, but as long as their running game and defense do their part, it will be hard seeing them not win this game. Here you can bet on either one depending on your preference. According to most experts Ravens would be the team to win this one.

  • NFL experts’ pick: Ravens 23, Browns 22

Miami Dolphins Vs. Buffalo Bills

First, let’s start with the Dolphins. They are playing their third consecutive Road game. They lost at San Francisco, and they lost to the Chargers. They defeated the Bills at Hard rock stadium. But the Bills put up many yards against the Dolphins back in week three but could not convert them into points.

Also, Miami’s defense has not been great recently, and this one can get over the total of 42. Right now, Buffalo is 7 point favorite. They are 5-0 in their last five at home against Miami, winning by 17.6 points per game. On a side note, it will be 22 degrees in Buffalo at game time. So good luck, Miami!

It would help if you bet here on Bills, but your Bet is your choice.

  • NFL experts’ pick: Bills27, Dolphins 17

Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Chicago Bears

The Bears 9 points underdogs. At the same time, the eagle’s offense is lined up for another big outing. They can throw Miles Sanders at Chicago’s defense. Sanders, with an average of over five a carry per year already a thousand-yard guy. Pair his production against Chicago’s run defense.

They have given up a cartman-like 4.8 yards per carry to the running back position. If Philly wants, they could also let Jalen Hurts and his wideouts take the lead. Hurts is an MVP-level player right now, and he is flying high. The Bear’s pass defense versus the wide receivers’ 100.5 rating given up to that position in 2022 is also not good. The bears don’t blitz much, but the lack of blitzing has helped them play running QBs well. Only 3.8 carry allowed to signal callers. They faced a couple of running types too.

Go Eagles! Do you want to bet?

  • NFL experts’ pick: Eagles 33, Bears 17

Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Fans will scream at the top of their lungs when they see Trevor Lawrence this week. The Jaguars have now won three of their last five. They are two games behind the Titans, slip-sliding their way to the end of the season, so they have a better chance.

Lawrence is coming off an outing where he completed more than 70 percent of his passes, 368 yards at almost nine yards per attempt, three touchdowns, and no picks. Jones shrugged off a case of the drops to NAB’s eight balls for 77 yards and one of the best toe-tapping touchdowns you’ll ever see this year. The Cowboys have had one of the stingiest past defenses in the NFL this season.

On the other side, you have Prescott looking to bounce back. He got two interceptions; one was off a tipped ball, and the other was a ball thrown under pressure in the end zone after a Texas defender hit his arm. The jags would love to bother Prescott as much as they bothered Ryan Tannehill. They sacked him four times. They’ll have their work cut out for them against Dallas. The Cowboys have allowed the fewest sacks in the league with just 16.

The cowboys are the Best Bet. But a team as agile as the jaguar is equally capable of winning the game and turning the odds of the Bet in their favor.

  • NFL experts’ pick: Cowboys 34, Jaguars 28

New England Patriots Vs. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are back home this week and get the New England Patriots, who seem very defensive lately. New England’s defense leading the Patriots to their latest win kept them firmly in the playoff picture. New England’s offense was along for the ride versus Arizona. They ended up with two backup running backs by the time the game was over.

Stevenson left last week with an injury, and Strong broke a 44-yard run and scored on his five attempts. Vegas took on a QB who had just joined the team two days earlier. Raider’s past rush did its part versus Mayfield, Mad Max Crosby leading a group that got home four times. One of their best showings all year!

It’s tough to predict who would win, but most bets are on the Patriots.

  • NFL experts’ pick: Patriots 30, Raiders 27


Three weeks are left to go in the regular season, and the sprint for NFL playoffs has already begun. Pick your games and your odds carefully, and have fun! If things have started to heat this much already, imagine the next month’s situation in the NFL playoff.

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